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Text Box: This would be a good place to insert a short paragraph about your organization. It might include the purpose of the organization, its mission, founding date, and a brief history. You could also include a brief list of the types of products, services, or programs your organization offers, the geographic area covered (for example, western U.S. or European markets), and a profile of the types of customers or members served. 
It would also be useful to include a contact name for readers who want more information about the organization.
Text Box: Primary Business Address
Your Address Line 2
Your Address Line 3
Your Address Line 4
Text Box: Queens Pride House
Text Box: give your newsletter a personal touch. If your organization is small, you may want to list the names of all employees.
If you have any prices of standard products or serText Box: This story can fit 175-225 words.
If your newsletter is folded and mailed, this story will appear on the back. So, it’s a good idea to make it easy to read at a glance.
A question and answer session is a good way to quickly capture the attention of readers. You can either compile questions that you’ve received since the last edition or you can summarize some generic questions that are frequently asked about your organization.
A listing of names and titles of managers in your organization is a good way to Text Box: vices, you can include a listing of those here. You may want to refer your readers to any other forms of communication that you’ve created for your organization.
You can also use this space to remind readers to mark their calendars for a regular event, such as a breakfast meeting for vendors every third Tuesday of the month, or a biannual charity auction.
If space is available, this is a good place to insert a clip art image or some other graphic.
Text Box: Back Page Story Headline
Text Box: Phone: 555-555-5555
Fax: 555-555-5555
Text Box: Your business tag line here.