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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery


QPH / 2003

Sunday Mass with Rev. Father Thomas Taylor and parishioners at QPH.

Traditional Sunday Dinner at QPH after Mass..

Sunday Dinner

Thanks to Greg, Rev.Father Thomas, Sam Rossi for their help painting QPH...Also special Thanks to the independent Catholic Community Church for donating the paints for the QPH beautification project.

Stephen Downing - Theatrical consultant Donating his for the QPH beautification

Thanks to Tim for starting the Traditional Sunday Dinners after Mass at QPH

Reading Club First Meeting: Visit by Ross Wasielke and signing his book FARRELL

November 8 Cabaret Night - Fund Raiser benefiting Queer Links

Hostess Sue Scannell

Singers Sam Rossi, Sue Scannell, David Madore Thanks to them for a successful Cabaret and fund raising night.