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Gender at its Core Freedom of expression and the debate over identity politics By PAULINE PARK

Times-Ledger July,3 2003; Gays in Queens celebrate landmark court ruling By Ayala Ben-Yehuda

Times-Ledger Jan 9, 2003; Vasquez Dem Club honors Nolan, Astoria gay activists

NEWSDAY Jan 2, 2003: Pointing Gay Immigrants To Grounds for Asylum

Gay City News; 1-7 November 2002 GMHC Expands Legal Reach to Queens
Pride House in Woodside home to effort focused on new Americans

Times-Ledger Oct 24 2002: Woodside clinic offers legal aid to HIV patients 

Daily News Oct 22 2002: Free legal help due for immigrants with AIDS

NEWSDAY July 9, 2002:  Gays' Forum on Police
Amid claims of mistreatment, group eyes fixes