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Queens Pride House

@ Diversity Center of Queens


76-11 37th Avenue, Suite 206
Jackson Heights, NY   11372
Queens Pride House
Humanist Center
September 13, 2006
For immediate release
Charles Ober 917-848-2630, Queens Pride House
David Andersson  917-378-8758, Humanist Center
Nahar Alam, 646-509-8102 , Andolan
Three Community Based Organizations Collaborate to Start
Unique New Community Center: Diversity Center of Queens
Grand Opening
September 19, 2006
7pm – 10pm
Queens Pride House, Humanist Center, and Andolan -Organizing South Asian Workers announce the grand opening
of Diversity Center of Queens, an exciting and innovative social justice collaborative venture in the heart of Jackson
Heights, Queens. "The establishment of Diversity Center marks an exciting moment for social justice organizations
in New York City," commented Charles Ober, president of Queens Pride House, the lead partner in Diversity Center
"In sharing expanded physical space we greatly enhance our capacity and our mission.  We have the opportunity to
promote collaboration among members of our community who are not usually seen as partners. Through the center,
we hope to forge an awareness of the common goal we all seek, which is to create a community free of discrimination,
whether it is based upon nationality, race, immigration status, sexual orientation, or gender (including gender identity
and expression) and fight the effects of discrimination to health and safety.” 
 The three organizations have committed to working on joint projects to advance the mission of the center.  The
projects are expected to include educational events, social justice campaigns, and efforts to address the effects
to health and safety. Through these programs it is "our mission to promote interchange between different people
and cultures," said Yolanda Andersson coordinator of the Humanist Center, who is confident that Diversity Center
of Queens will quickly become a hub of community activity. "What better place to do this than Jackson Heights?"
she asked. Jackson Heights is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in New York City and the nation,
home to people from more than 70 countries speaking a variety of more than 40 languages. It is also home to the
city's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community outside of Manhattan. Jackson Heights
is also home to one of New York City’s fastest-growing immigrant population, Bangladeshis. Nahar Alam, director
of Andolan - Organizing South Asian Workers, which works with low-wage Bangladeshi workers and others sees
Diversity Center of Queens as an opportunity to learn from other groups and build from that strength. Our members
are often invisible. They are low-wage domestic workers and restaurant workers. Coming together with other
groups gives us a chance to grow stronger and fight discrimination through collaboration.
Diversity Center encompasses 2,000 square feet of space, divided into two meeting rooms, a large multi-purpose
room, a library- lounge with computers and wireless internet connection and offices.
The grand opening celebration will take place Tuesday, September 19, 2006 from 7pm till 10pm and will include a
program, buffet and beverages.  Local elected officials, leaders of other non-profits, civic leaders and supporters
have been invited. 
About the Organizations: 
Queens Pride House, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community center of Queens, is the lead partner
in Diversity Center. The organization was founded in 1997 and has operated out of a Woodside storefront since 2001.
Queens Pride House conducts health education programs, health and human service referrals, job skill classes,
cultural programs, and legal clinics in collaboration with Gay Men’s Health Crisis and CUNY School of Law
Community Legal Resource Network. 
Humanist Center is a new Action Front of the Humanist Movement whose mission is to fight against violence,
discrimination and injustice at the neighborhood level. The Humanist Movement has been active in Jackson Heights
since 1998, developing projects such as the Humanist Center of Cultures, DiverseCity newspaper, and the
Reciprocity Computer Project. 
Andolan - Organizing South Asian Workers organizes low-income, South Asian workers to fight against injustices
faced because of abusive employers.  Andolan envisions a world in which all workers are treated with respect and