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Photo Gallery

2004 part II

Photo Gallery


2004 Gallery Part II









Assemblyman Michael Cohen, Vishal, GMHClegal , HellenSears 

Jimmy Van Bramer intergovermental affairs director of Queens Public Library, Rev. Charles McCarron QPH former Executive Director, Democratic Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, Charles Ober QPH's board president, & Richard Mirro member of the pride house advisory board.

Assemblyman Michael Cohen's words


Nutritionist Dr. Colella at QPH's Brunch Nov 04

Project Achieve & SafeSpace health brunch participants









Grand openning of CLRN legalservices AT QPH









Hellen Sears, Charles Ober, Cassell

Council Member Hellen Sears, C.Ober, Kabita Pawria

CLRN Attorneys

CLRN Attorneys














SAGE Queens 9thanniversay at QPH

SAGE Queens Members

Karen Taylor SAGE Queens E.D.

QPH Outreach at Riss Park Aug04.

Leonkalas Art show Oct-04

Oct. 9th Artshow